LWRT application area

application area:

Automotive sector

Main product application: automobile bottom guard board

1. The surface density is 600-2000g/㎡, and the higher the surface density, the higher the mechanical performance.

2. Excellent sound absorption performance, meeting GMW14177.

3. The material does not flow within the mold, has a stable structure, and is not easily deformed.

4. The thickness is directly proportional to the stiffness and inversely proportional to the density and strength. The thickness can be designed according to the needs of stiffness or strength.

5. The pressure required for forming is very low, and the investment in molds and presses is relatively small.

6. The upper and lower surface coating materials can be customized, such as PP film (impact resistance), PE film (improving surface activity), PET film (anti permeability), etc., to meet different requirements.