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SMC composite material is the abbreviation of Sheet molding compounds,That is, the sheet molding compound. The main raw materials are composed of GF (special yarn), UP (unsaturated resin), low shrinkage additives, MD (filler) and various additives.

Manufacturing technology: Put the SMC material into the metal mold cavity and compound the mold, and cure it by chemical reaction under a certain temperature and pressure.

One-time compression molding at high temperature;
High mechanical strength;
The material has a light specific gravity, with a density of 1.4-2.0g/cm³,
High-level integration leads to high precision as well as reduced mold cost and assembly cost;
Corrosion resistance and long service life;
High insulation strength and arc resistance;
Excellent flame retardant performance up to UL94 V0;
The flexible product design can achieve the one-time molding for products with a complex structure, and allow for rib reinforcement, variable thickness, and connection piece preset, making it easy for massive production;
Safe and aesthetic, etc.;
The product is widely used in the automobile industry, bathroom industry, electrical industry, rail transit industry and other sectors.
SMC application field
1. Automotive industry
Excellent mechanical strength (can be used in continuous filaments, and the content of glass fiber can reach more than 60%);
Excellent dimensional stability
Excellent surface finish;
Sound heat resistance;
Sound surface coating performance;
Main product applications: automotive parts (bumpers, masks, pedals, etc.).
2、Bathroom sector
● Excellent surface finish;
● Excellent dimensional stability
● Excellent stain resistance;
● Excellent hot water resistance
● Sound dyeing property;
● Sound mechanical strength
Main product application:Bathtub, wall panel, chassis, wash basin, shower tray, etc. of the integral bathroom.
3、Electrical sector
● Excellent electrical performance;
● Excellent flame retardant performance;
● Sound mechanical strength
● Sound surface finish;
● Sound dimensional stability;
● Sound dyeing property;
Main product application:Meter boxes, electrical cabinets, switch boxes, etc.
4、Rail transit sector
1.Excellent dimensional stability
2、Sound flatness
3、Excellent mechanical strength and toughness (including carbon fiber)
4、Excellent flame retardant performance
5、Low smoke and non-toxic
Main product application:Cable bracket

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