Polyurethane Prepreg

Upper cover of Wuling MINI battery box

1. Lightweight 2. Good dimensional stability 3. Low pressure molding, fast curing, short molding cycle, high efficiency 4. High temperature demoulding 5. Superior performance, high strength, good toughness 6. Compared with epoxy prepreg, one-time investment cost is less

Lower side door of freight train

1. Lightweight 2. Corrosion resistance and long service life 3. High strength, good toughness and superior performance 4. Excellent dimensional stability

Polyurethane carbon fiber prepreg

The composite material made of carbon fiber yarn, epoxy resin, release paper and other materials through coating, hot pressing, cooling, laminating, winding and other processes is called carbon fiber prepreg, also known as carbon fiber prepreg. Features: 1. Low density 2. High specific performance 3. No creep 4. Ultra-high temperature resistance 5. Good fatigue resistance 6. Small thermal expansion coefficient 7. Good corrosion resistance, good electromagnetic shielding, etc.